3Dimensional Rendering in BIMaaS

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BIMaaS uses the BIM Surfer to leverage the 3D visualisation of IFC models. BIM Surfer is an open source web based viewer for the visualisation of IFC/BIM models based on WebGL. The BIM Surfer uses scene js. SceneJS is an open-source WebGL-based 3D visualisation engine from @xeoLabs. After the major changes in the BIM Surfer during 2014 it was designed to work as a plugin to BIM server and act as a configurable module. This makes it easy to build 3D visualizers on top of Bim Surfer. After the redesign BIM surfer turned it to a framework for developers to build their own viewers instead an end-user tool. BIM Views is an end-user tool for 3Dimensional Viewing in the BIM Server. And it uses Bim Surfer’s source code as the core part. Due to these reasons and to build up a more customised viewer the BIM Surfer was adapted to the BIMaaS instead of BIM Views.

For compatibility BIMaaS uses BIM Server 1.4.0 March Release Candidate with the BIM Surfer’s latest release as the final BIM Server 1.4.0 version is not supported by the BIM Surfer.

Bim Surfer Source Code : github
Modified Source Code Patch : github

Below images showcase some of the IFC buildings that are rendered using BIM Surfer.

BIM 3d


Nirojan Selvanathan | Associate Software Engineer

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