Visualise your asset lifecycle from design stage to operations


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Why BIM 3D matters


Visualise in 3D

View your assets together from various sources

Design Assure

Detect design issues such as collisions much earlier


Smarter Decisions

Visualise asset information across design, operate and maintain

What does BIM 3D provide?

BIM 3D empowers you to picture design data such as architectural models alongside operational and maintenance data to pinpoint defects and issues, as well as their locations in buildings and infrastructure.

visualisation tool

The BIM asset data visualisation tool

BIM 3D was specifically built for visualising design and asset management and operational data. BIM 3D is an innovative visualisation product, one that will enable business to evaluate architectural models against operational data such as maintenance data and defect/issue data.
BIM 3D is fully scalable to 4D – the time dimension, 5D – the cost dimension, and 6D with facility management.

What makes BIM 3D magical?

Smart BIM 3D is not a simple 3D model of your design, but an interactive “smart” model which has information embedded in every component.

Open It optimises pre and post construction processes by enabling data sharing across the organisation and contractors.

Full lifecycle During the operational phase, maintenance scheduling, building system analysis, asset management, space management and disaster planning, can help to maintain the building throughout its lifecycle.


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