Automate BIM governance

Adopt BIM governance for every part of your project without having to redesign existing BIM legacy systems.


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Governance starts with better business rules and monitoring

BIM Alert is a compliance management tool used to monitor and govern key business activity metrics that are related to BIM Level 1 and 2 standards. Using a powerful business rules engine within the BIMaaS platform, it enables you to define various business rules and operational indicators for every internal department or third party supplier, throughout every stage of a project and maintenance schedule.


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Business rules defined

Define governance rules as per your corporate policies and standards, and watch BIM Alert monitor compliance behind-the-scenes at real-time. You will receive alerts when compliance fails.

Business rules defined

Ensure all parties adhere to BIM standards and simplify proof of BIM compliance (which will be mandatory for many projects from 2016 onwards)

Infrastructure project managers, and facility or operational managers use BIM Alert’s dashboard to understand overall compliance and produce reports for executive briefing. The dashboard will show compliance against various governance standards including BIM Level 1 or 2, Asset Information Specifications and design standards.

collision detection

3D collision detection

BIM Alert can automatically monitor for collision and conflicts in construction designs as different teams submit their designs. It highlights conflicts in the dashboard, which can be visually analysed using BIM 3D. Identifying collisions early, as and when designs are updated, has the benefits of getting the design right, resulting in reduced project risk and cost savings.

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