BIM Connect will create a Common Data Environment for
your infrastructure assets.

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Why BIM Connect matters

Empower businesses to create an integrated asset ecosystem and drive safer, higher quality projects

BIM Connect enables third party providers to exchange asset data, design models, operational data and related information seamlessly. It leverages proven, production-ready integration, and security and governance components from the underlying WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus.

Empower businesses

A robust, scalable open source Enterprise Data Integration

BIM Connect API supports an extensible architecture for developing custom adapters to integrate with non-standard bespoke products. The API store comes with pre-built integration adaptors and provides functionalities to create other adaptors very easily.


Simple, highly secure asset collaboration

The BIMaaS platform transforms the way you share, collaborate and analyse your corporate infrastructure assets. It is built with enterprise security, meaning your team members can easily share assets’ information with employees, external contractors and operating partners. It brings sophisticated data integration capability with a high level of security.

Common Data Environment Using the Content API, create a uniform data integration environment using the BIM standard, integrate with existing systems, automate dataflow and build custom apps that improve your productivity and customer experience.

Highly Scalable The platform has the ability to handle large IFC data files and even store certain information such as time series, and scale easily by clustering and adding more instances.


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