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Why BIM stats matters

Everything your design and operational managers need in one place.

BIM Stats is a powerful analytical product with capabilities to display different dashboards for your infrastructure projects. It has a standard dashboard to display BIM designs, rich assets information such as manufacturers, by different layers. You can also compare operational data, such as faults and maintenance schedules, against original design to identify areas of improvement.

Why BIM stats matters

What does BIM stats provide?

BIM Stats is highly configurable to create various dashboards based on business requirements and the asset data available.

What can you expect?

Lifecycle monitoring Track asset usage and the history throughout the lifecycle.

Set thresholds for certain assets Define and monitor for specific pre-defined thresholds such as CO2 emissions or the energy usage of a facility.

Chat real-time BIM Stats enables a better chat experience for you and your team. It is the fastest way to share information about a particular asset and resolve issues.

Proactive analysis for better planning Perform predictive analysis on your suppliers and customers, evaluate risks and take actions proactively.

Productivity improvement and cost effective Reduce maintenance costs with cost-effective fault management, including identifying similar assets, resulting in less downtime and improved customer service.


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