BIMaaS is the Future of Construction Industry

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BIMaaS is the future

To construct loosely means to build and create something. Construction of anything from an idea to a building begins with planning, design, and financing and continues until the project is built and ready for use.

In infrastructure construction architects, engineers, constructors and others need to work together. This involves sharing of data and information. This isn’t however, as straight forward as it sounds. This has been and continues to be the single biggest challenge for the infrastructure and construction industry.

There are software applications available, where the engineers or architects can analyse and validate the design, before the design goes to the building phase.

But what if is there is a system where architects and engineers can work in one system covering all aspects of designing planning financing and etc?

This is where BIMaaS becomes a game changer. The BIMaaS platform can be leveraged not only in the design phase but throughout the duration of the infrastructure project and even after. Once the project ends the BIMaaS platform can be utilised to maintain the assets and the facility to the standards which is used in construction.

Another important element of BIMaaS is its ability to help you adhere to standards. In design phase, for example, ISO standards can be maintained. There are many standards used by the architects and engineers all over the world in construction industry. Few of them are British Standards BS-Code, European Union Standards Uero-Code, and Australian Standard BCA.

BIMaaS platform can be extended to adhere to these standards based on your requirements. It is also capable of validating the designed model over the rules, based on particular standard. Furthermore, this platform can be extended to analyse the model and warn the responsible individuals of an impending risk and suggest a solution too.

Eg: “The particular beam is overloaded, increasing the reinforcement area may solve the issue.”

Likewise, there are millions of possibilities of making the construction process easier and maintaining the quality of construction with BIMaaS.

Another important part of the BIMaaS platform is the client of the construction’s company can use the BIMaaS platform to maintain all the information of the building, after the building is successfully built.

Isuru Gunawardana | Senior Software Engineer

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